Real Estate March 2, 2017

Buying a Home? Look for These 6 Things

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6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

When Buying a Home, Home buyers have a lot of tough decisions to make once they’ve narrowed things down. It can be hard to make a decision between two or three homes that all seem to be great choices.

Asking these 6 questions can help you figure out if a home is right for you, or if you should keep looking for something that will make you happier in the long run.

1. How do You Feel About the Location?

Even if it’s the most popular location in the area, it still might not be right for you. Keep that in mind when looking for a home. You don’t want to end up in a location that’s doesn’t make you happy, just because everyone says that living there is perfect.

Lifestyles are different, and so are the kinds of things people want out of their home and neighborhood.

2. Is the Size Right for Now and the Future?

For households that are expanding, or planning to expand in the future, a house that’s just a little bigger than what is currently needed could sometimes be a great idea.

Of course, the reverse is often true for those who are downsizing, or for households with inhabitants leaving for college. You’ll want to consider what you plan on doing with your new home, and how much stuff you will need to store as well. The size of a home is very important consideration, since it can reduce the chances of needing to move again in a few years.

3. How Much Noise Will There Be?

If you aren’t a railfan, you may not want to buy a house right next to the train tracks. Try to visit the house at several different times of the day, on the weekends and during the weekdays. This can provide a good idea of the noise levels that are expected, helping to make an informed choice about buying that house.

With this in mind, everyone has a different tolerance for different types of noises – some might actually prefer an area with some noise over silence. Finding a home is about finding something that you will love living in, so make sure to keep your preferences in mind when speaking to your real estate agent.

4. How Was the Home Inspection?

Getting a home inspection is one of the most important things to do when purchasing a home. It’s vital to know if there are serious problems with the home, or whether it’s in great shape.

Finding problems on a home inspection doesn’t mean that the house isn’t worth buying, but there may be repairs that will be more costly than anticipated. That allows for negotiation, and for walking away if the cost is simply too high.

5. Can You Properly Care for the Property?

Buying a house on a small lot is often easier than buying a house with acreage, but it all comes down to what the buyer likes and can care for correctly. Hiring someone to care for the property will cost money, and doing it yourself will take time and effort.

The ability or willingness to maintain different types of properties varies from person to person, so it is worth considering before making such a big purchase.

6. Is the Price Really in Your Budget?

What the bank says is affordable and what is actually in your budget may be two different things. It can be easy to choose something that’s at the top of the price range, simply because it’s nicer, newer, or has preferred features.

However, it’s sometimes safer to buy something that’s more affordable, in case there’s the need to change jobs or other expenses arise. Carefully considering the true cost of owning a particular home can help avoid financial issues in the future.

Buying a home is a huge decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that in mind, your real estate agent is there to help you find the perfect home for your needs and lifestyle. Make sure to communicate your needs with your agent during your search. They’ve done this many times before, and will be happy to steer you in the right direction!